Carpet Cleaning Ringwood

Carpet Cleaning Ringwood

Carpet Cleaning in Ringwood

No matter the style or dimensions of your carpeting the skilled and reputable team of cleaners at Misha Carpet Cleaning have the tools and talent to deliver a comprehensive and lasting clean to Melbourne home and business owners across the city. Thanks to our years of hands-on experience, we are the experts in working in both domestic and commercial environments. Our attentive and personalised level of service ensures that no fibre is left untouched by our comprehensive approach.


3 Rooms Professionally Steam Cleaned and Deoderised For $66. (Up to 30 sqm)

*Conditions Apply

If left unattended or improperly cleaned carpeting can attract harmful elements and particles and bacteria that can create a toxic living or working environment. The steam we use when cleaning is super-heated and can kill a wide variety of bacteria and spores on contact. Our approach to carpet cleaning has helped Ringwood residents and beyond enjoy a healthier living and working space.

Discover the Benefits for Yourself

At Misha Carpet Cleaning, we want to go above and beyond for our diverse and valued customers. Alongside standard carpet cleaning we can also:

  • Improve the condition and quality of mattresses
  • Thoroughly cleaning kitchen and bathroom tiles and grout
  • Cleaning rugs and mats that have been exposed to dusty or outside environments
  • Rejuvenating the feel and look of lounge and sofa upholstery

At Misha Carpet Cleaning we go the extra mile to bring new life to your surfaces and carpeting. If you are looking for a carpet cleaning in Ringwood, Bundoora, Doreen, Eltham, Epping, Greensborough then call us today on 0451 157 070 to keep your home clean.